Santana 525 – Smooth

Sold 😦

1978, Santana 525. Taken care of but not sailed for the last 2 seasons. Race ready, competitive sails and gear. In the water in San Francisco Bay (Brisbane), no trailer. 2-stroke outboard likely needs tune-up, Needs to be sailed, make me an offer!

A few photos from the past years, and 3 photos taken at the dock Feb 16, 2014.


Finish01 clip1


Sailing to China Camp 036





  • Mark Feinholz
  • 650.218.3773

3 Responses to Santana 525 – Smooth

  1. Tom says:

    Is Smooth still for sale?


  2. Brett says:

    With recent sails, this is a good price folks. There aren’t a ton of these around in this sort of shape. I should know…I own #78. They look fast sitting still. They move in a whisper when everyone else is dead in the water. No frills or systems to worry about….low maintenance. Probably the best boat I’ve ever had.

  3. Robb Hadaway says:

    Is this boat still for sale?

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