About Mark

Hi, my name is Mark Feinholz. I’m a technology guy – product, software, data, user experience. Over the years I’ve worked on mainframes at big companies,  open source platforms at unfunded start-ups, and everything in between.  While I did spend time at Microsoft building .NET, what really makes me tick is combining tech skills with domain expertise and discovering, designing, building and shipping the right product.

2016_me_med For the past 8 years I have been building digital experiences in healthcare that help people live healthier and happier lives – “digital health”. Within this space I have worked primarily in 2 areas: healthcare data and patient engagement.

Consolidating healthcare data (payer data, clinical data and patient-generated data) and turning it into insight that can inform clinical care, reimbursement models and patient behavior is one of the keys to transforming this industry. Leveraging research in behavior psychology and neuroscience to build engaging experiences that help people change their lives is another.

The reality today is that the experience of being a patient in our healthcare system sucks – especially between visits, where we live our lives and the hard work of living healthy happens. The hard work of learning how to live the habits and lifestyle prescribed by our doctor and the hard work of managing the logistics of clinical care in this fragmented system.

We have to start treating patients as consumers. That means providing desirable and rewarding experiences to help people change their habits and stop the steady march towards chronic disease, low quality living and early death.

New innovative business models will be required to support the shift towards consumer health. Today’s system of paying for disease care one visit at a time is holding us back. As a co-founder of a healthcare tech start-up (KeepOnMovin.com), I have learned firsthand how hard it is to build a business around an obvious problem-solving idea for improving the consumer health experience.

But the fight is on, and I’m in the ring. Behavior change is possible: in Feb, 2014 I started taking cold showers to help me wake up to each new day of the battle – It’s Feb 2018 and I haven’t turned on the hot water since 😃.  The first step is hard, but the payoff is invigorating!! Establishing new habits and mindsets toward living extraordinary lives really is possible – and technology can help.

Complete work resume:  Mark Feinholz – pdf

Please contact Mark via email at mfeinholz@gmail.com.

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