Top 10 from Health Innovation Week

On my journey into the world of healthcare technology, I’ve been reading industry blogs, books, papers and learning too many acronyms .  I have begun tracking my blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol in HealthVault and will be blogging about the devices and applications I’m finding helpful.

Healthcare technology obviously encompasses a lot – I’m focusing on consumer facing tools and consumer owned and managed healthcare data.

It was time to get out of the office and start meeting real people in this industry so for the first time in my career, I took out my own checkbook and paid for one of those crazy-expensive multi-day conferences that we always expect our bosses to just approve.  Turns out you get considerably more out of a conference when it’s your dime 😉

San Francisco Health Innovation Week was October 3 – 10, I attended the following 3 events:

Instead of attempting to summarize the sessions, speakers and companies I encountered, I am going to try to distill what I learned to 10 fundamental points.

So here they are, my top 10 takeaways from Health 2.0 – in no particular order of importance. Continue reading

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Help > About mark feinholz

First post in my new blog… a quick introduction is in order.

Expect mostly to see posts about consumer facing healthcare, healthcare technology and programming from my perspective as an experienced software engineer who is new to this industry and new to mobile app development.

I’ve been a software architect, developer, program manager… etc. for 24 years. 10 years in the banking industry, 7 in multi-unit retail and the last 7 at Microsoft as a solutions architect and platform evangelist…

It’s time to reboot. Continue reading

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