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Software developer, architect, technical product manager. Inspired by technology to help us live happier and healthier lives.

Practice Health, Not Prevention

What is ‘health’? What does it mean to be healthy? If I’m not sick, am I healthy? As long as I’m not sick, does it matter? Health is a complex concept, it means different things depending on the context. Our … Continue reading

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Staying Engaged: How To Use Streaks and Weekly Goals

Establishing new behaviors that eventually become habits that can lead to a new identity or sense of self can be hard. Two techniques that have worked to help me stay engaged as I work towards creating new habits are streaks and weekly … Continue reading

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A Small But Significant Patient-Centered Example

Digital health solutions that facilitate patient engagement must put the patient in charge, not the physician. Outside of the clinic, where health happens, in the day-in, day-out lives of people, we have to let the patient take ownership of and … Continue reading

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From Tiny Habits to Big Habits – My Five

On my journey to learning some of the neuroscience and behavior science research behind these things we call “habits”, I decided to put the theory to a test and see if I could turn what I considered to be a … Continue reading

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Big Data or Tiny Habits?

To repeat the oft-quoted words of Aristotle: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” I believe that wearable activity tracking devices can be powerful habit transformation tools and I’m frustrated to see … Continue reading

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Step To Give Results: Fun, Engaging, and Rewarding

The Step To Give experiment was fun, engaging, and for me personally it was surprisingly rewarding.  Big smile, very big. Nine of us paid $10 each and worked together as a team for 21 days to meet the team total step … Continue reading

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Step To Give: An Activity Tracker Engagement Experiment

In a couple previous posts  (here and here) I wrote about some ideas for how fitness trackers might leverage peer pressure and intrinsic rewards to keep people engaged with their shiny new wearable toy once the shiny new part wears … Continue reading

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